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Left is the new Wonder Woman. Being deemed still too skinny and frail.
Right is Kacy Catanzaro, the first female to advance to the finals of American Ninja. Considered strong and inspiring to female athletes.
Stop assuming someone is weak based off your closed minded ignorant ideals.


I hadn’t really considered this. Interesting point!

Just want to point out that Gal Gadot has been working her butt off to gain muscle mass AND further, not every body type is the same! Some people can add muscle mass and tone but still be considered “skinny”; while others can bulk up hugely when they add muscle.

Point: don’t body police.

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Jul 28 2014 4:46 pm

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a little old fanart just to renew my love for that comic <3

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Frozach Submitted

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georgetakei: Did you have a chance to check out my appearance of the Daily Show with John Stewart? For those who missed it or just want to watch again, simply click here.

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They’re heroes in a half-shell and they’re green!



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SO now that Evo 2014 has ended, I’d like to present, what I feel was the greatest moment of the weekend:

Yipes with a sarcastic expression, holding a Japanese paper fan.

And I’m done.

Jul 28 2014 12:47 am

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watcha got there

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